Site Owners

Big sites consume far too much time and money.

  • Large product lists are costly and time consuming.
  • The technician’s, “Easy”, is a relative term.
  • Manage your information on the office, COPY it to the web, quickly and easily.
  • Admins can manage the high volume section of your site with just a browser.
  • Quick as a Blink puts you in control.
  • Create large sites with hundreds or thousands of pages in minutes.
  • Control your data in your office where it is safe, not at the mercy of the web.
  • Neither you nor your webmaster likes them having to do the simple changes for you. You both win with Quick as a Blink.
  • Webmaster can focus on their core value to you – design, style and image.
  • Make changes at will and with true ease – Quick as a Blink.