Sample sites using Quick as a Blink     (the Database Driven Website Generator)

For all these sites, the customer copies and pastes the content for all products in ONE STEP.  Updates to thousands of pages in minutes!

The Haiti Connection's Quick as a Blink reference database

The Haiti Connection  Maintains fast changing, detailed information for over 700 medical and disaster support organizations.  Swift access to current data is critical and provided, Quick as a Blink.

An online database of over 2,000 vinyl records, changing Quick as a BlinkA Record Collector’s Site (a WordPress and PayPal site)
On this site you can search for records and buy them, using PayPal’s payment system. The live site has over 2,400 records (not for sale). The same information drives both sites and is COPY’d to the web, Quick as a Blink.

A stunning cooking reference site using Quick as a Blink to maintain over 1,000 cookery terms.The Is an authoritative, award winning online reference book on cooking. Over 1,000 index entries, that link into the book, are updated in seconds – Quick as a Blink.

Quick as a Blink provides swift “mail merge to the web” capabilities for administrative staff with no Information Technology skills.  For webmasters, it automatically creates an SQL database the structure and content of which can be changed in minutes, without technical or IT know-how.